Selected Hotels Around Oxford: Higher Priced Hotels


The Courtyard by Marriot

c.£200-250 per night

Offsite parking £35 per day


Malmaison (10% discount when booking directly) 

c.£200-250 per night

This hotel is on the site of the Oxford Castle and is in a converted prison. Prices are quite high but the location is good and it’s a highly rated chain. No parking. 
You will need to mention they are booking under the SBS discounted rate and that it is for the EBSLG. Contact is Michelle Zoller <>


Old Bank Hotel

c.£250-330 per night

Luxury hotel with restaurant Quod. Free parking available on site.


VanBrugh Hotel 

Currently cheapest is around £160 per night. Lots of different rates and discounts available.

No parking onsite.


Museum Hotel - Oxford

c.£160+ per night

No parking onsite.


George Street Hotel

c.£188+ per night

No parking onsite.


The Randolph Hotel

c.£228+ per night

Prices begin at £45/day for overnight parking. Pre-booking is necessary.


The Cotswold Lodge Hotel

c.£140+ per night

Free car parking, which works on a first-come-first-serve basis. Spaces are subject to availability.


Travelodge Abingdon Road

Prices vary, but around £250-£300 for 3 nights.

Free onsite parking.


Lower Priced Hotels


Westgate Hotel (Botley Road)

c.£100 per night


River Hotel

c.£140 per night

Free parking.


The Buttery (10% discount)

c.£90-130 per night

10% discount if guests call to book directly.

No parking.


Linton Lodge (Best Western)

c.£120 per night

Near Summertown. Free parking on site.


Premier Inn - Oxford City Centre (Westgate Mall)

c.£130 per night

Charge for parking in Westgate Mall.


Premier Inn (Botley)

c.£90-110 per night.

Free parking onsite.


Easy Hotel

c.£100 per night.

Limited onsite parking, £12 per night.


George Oxford Hotel

c.£115 per night.

No parking onsite.



More information

Trivago: Oxford
More hotels are available, please check the ratings and comments.


Air BnB has lots of options.
Generally best to choose somewhere within the ring road as makes travel easier.


Some Oxford Colleges open up their rooms for bed and breakfast, which can be booked here:

Also worth checking here:
(but look for ones that say Oxford College as it also lists other hotels which don’t look as nice).